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What We Do

Throughout our community, there are children suffering from serious, potentially life-threatening illnesses—and that takes a toll not just on the kids but on their families. Often, parents drop everything just to be with their kids, which means daily living expenses can become burdensome. This is to say nothing of healthcare costs.

During these difficult seasons, these families need support, both financial and emotional—and Lake Wylie Children’s Charity seeks to provide it.

Our vision is to bring the community together in a show of love and support for these families, to raise awareness and also to generate funding. In doing this, we adopt a couple of kids each year to rally behind, but we do plenty else on behalf of kids throughout the greater Lake Wylie area.

LWCC is proud to host a number of benefits and fundraising events throughout the year. Our fall concert is the biggest of these events, but we are constantly planning new ways to have fun for a good cause. Additionally, we gratefully accept donations from the community and are always zealous for new volunteers!

Learn more about our work in the community; contact us today!