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How You Can Be More Supportive When a Friend’s Child is in the Hospital

One of the realities of having a child with a chronic illness or disability is that a great deal of time may be spent in the hospital. As a friend, you may be unsure of what you can do to help. Do you stop by? Do they prefer privacy? It can be tough sitting by

The Impact of Illness or Disability on the Family

Raising a child with an illness or disability can be rewarding yet challenging at the same time. It is exciting to see them make progress and achieve goals, but getting them to that point can be mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting. When a child has an illness or disability it can have both a positive

Lake Wylie Children’s Charity Pulls Out the Stops for Annual Benefit Concert, Coming October 2nd

The local philanthropic group promises music, games, food, and more—all to help local kids and families. Lake Wylie, S.C. – “Fun for a cause” is one of the mantras of Lake Wylie Children’s Charity, the local philanthropic group that raises funds for the families of seriously ill children and teens. The charity will put that


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